Shinnosuke Tojo


東城 信之介

1978 長野生まれ 神奈川在住
2004 東京造形大学美術学科比較造形卒業
2005 東京造形大学研究生修了


2008「intersice」GALERIE SOL/ 銀座
2009「boundary+」GALERIE SOL / 銀座
2010「時滲」GALERIE SOL / 銀座
2011「Genma」art museum まど中野/長野


2003 「艶」ルデコ/渋谷
2007/09 中之条ビエンナーレ / 群馬
2007/08 tokyo station exhibition
2008 釜山国際環境芸術祭 釜山韓国
2008「THE EAST and THE EAST」withロシアart上野の森美術館/ 東京
2008「Water link 2008」相模湖/ 神奈川
2009 東京コンテンポラリーアートフェア
2010 TCAF PLUS+ 東京新橋
2010 温泉郷美術際/群馬.四万温泉


2005 第三回山本鼎版画展 佳賞受賞
2006 モダンアート明日への展望展 俊英作家賞受賞

1978 Nagano born in Kanagawa lives
2004 Tokyo University of Art and Design art department comparison forming graduation
2005 Completion of research student of Tokyo zoukei University


2008 “intersice” GALERIE SOL / Ginza
2009 “boundary +”GALERIE SOL/Ginza
2010 “jisin” GALERIE SOL / Ginza
2011 “Genma” ArtMuseumMado/ Nagano

Group Exhibition

2003 “Tuya” LE DECO / Shibuya
2007u35-500exhibition / Yokohama
2007/09 Biennial Nakanozyou/ Gunma
2007/08 tokyo station exhibition, Busan International Environmental Art Festival 2008 Busan korea
2008 “THE EAST and THE EAST” Russian art with the Ueno RoyalMuseumTokyo
2008 “Water link 2008” Lake Sagami
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair
2010 TCAF PLUS + Tokyo /Shinbashi
2010 hot springs art Festival/ Gunma


2005Yamamoto Kanae Print Awards
2006 A lot of elections for winning Shunei writer Prize and others case



Tracks at time appear in various shape. Rust might be the one. I haul in and makes various desires katachi according to the place, the space, and time. Rust gives birth to various different kinds of of away relations gradually, goes there in my hand, and rots. The work will be restored to having.. the place, and it entrust it again ..tracks at time.. to ground. I do not take a stance, become familiar with a peculiar sense to the place, be parasitic of him, and assume the work.


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